Preteen (5th & 6th Grade)


It is our vision that during these years each child will know how to apply the truths of the stories of the Bible to their everyday life, will be grounded in their faith walk, and will be committed and strong Christ-followers as they enter student ministry.


Preteens are wondering how what they have learned in the Bible applies to where they live their daily lives. Through discussions in Sunday school, Nazarene catechism classes, “The Net” training, and opportunities to serve others inside and outside the church, preteens can learn to live their Christian faith walk.

From 5th to 6th grade we desire that all children know:

  • God loves them and has called them to serve Him,
  • the Holy Spirit will guide them,
  • God wants not only their heart but their life,
  • God empowers them to live a faithful life,
  • they can make a difference in the world,
  • when they serve others they are serving God, and
  • they can lead others to Jesus.