Elementary (1st - 4th Grade)


It is our vision that during these years each child will be a receiver and a giver of Christian love, will know Jesus as their personal Savior, and will begin the spiritual disciplines of a Christ-follower.


Elementary children are growing in their understanding of the Bible and of God and they want to know about God, His World, who He is, and what He has done. Their Sundays school, worship & Wednesday evening classes help them explore and answer these questions through small group and large group settings as well as life application. We are intentional in what we desire each age group to know.

From 1st - 4th grade we desire that all children know:
  • their need for salvation through Jesus Christ,
  • that God desires that they worship Him daily through prayer and Bible reading,
  • that they can live the Great Commission through giving and serving their family,
  • that God cares about people around the world,
  • that hey are called, by God, to serve Him,
  • that God wants them to share their faith and His love with others,
  • that Scripture memorization is an important part of their discipleship, and 
  • that they are a part of the larger body of Christ.