Early Childhood (4 years - kindergarten)


It is the vision that young children in this department begin learning to hide God’s Word in their hearts and to realize God desires for them to share His love and His story with others.


Early childhood children have opportunities to learn about God and His love for us told in scripture while attending Sunday school, early childhood worship, and Wednesday evening classes. Each class has intentional objectives aiming at what we believe children at this age need to know in order for them to become who Christ desires them to become through Him.

From 4 years old to kindergarten we desire that all children know:

  • that they can have a personal relationship with God,
  • that they can worship God,
  • the difference between good choices and bad choices,
  • that God’s love through Jesus is for everyone,
  • a set of ABC Scriptures, and
  • that their church is a family who loves God.